Trego is an organic skincare brand providing universally tested framework applied across multiple beauty product markets. The formulation of skin products is developed by Canadian team having vast exposure of making products for skincare and beauty industry. We believe that what you put on your skin should help you to both look and feel wonderful! Your skin’s future is brilliant and delightful and your skin is valuable. That is the reason at Trego, we are intense about your healthy skin and genuinely committed to offering the most progressive healthy skin items in the business today.
Our customers are essential to us and we are here to help with all healthy skin needs. We have faith in results!

Our Passion
A round the clock skin makeover regime that takes care of essential nutrients deficiency, giving you the beauty inside out!
We are passionate about natural skin care. We are equally passionate about developing the best products possible to keep your skin clean and healthy. We believe that natural beauty products and natural skin care products should not only be good for your skin, but also good for nature and the environment. We never test on animals. We minimize the environmental impact of our business because we rely on nature to source our active ingredients.
We source all our own natural ingredients in a responsible way. And we hand-make all our range in small batches, with much love and care.

We're here to help people look their best with honest products that we stand for and a shopping experience that's as easy to use as our skin care products.